Sunday, June 6, 2010

Children's Miracle Network

I have a lot of pictures and so many things I want to jot down for memories sake, but it's pretty late or early (depending on how you look at it) and although I don't "feel" tired right's going to hit me soon so I will keep it short for now.The Children's Miracle Network Celebration kicked off this afternoon!

It's being aired on CBS 19 or streamed live on Madelyn and Luke were just going to drop me off tonight since our interview is not until tomorrow but they hung around for a bit and Madelyn ended up in the opening set. She looked so sleepy but at least she did not cry!

Before Luke and Madelyn made their way home she was able to see Dr. Morris (her amazing NICU doctor).
I cannot even begin to explain the gratitude that wells up within me when I see this woman. She is Godly. She is caring. She is excellent at what she does and she ministered to our entire family through one of the hardest things we have yet to experience. For that we are grateful.
I love my sisters. Sorry I did not get involved with CMN with you two sooner.
Madelyn's story will air several times today throughout the broadcast between 9:30am and 4:00pm on CBS 19 and on I think one of them is around 9:30am and our live family interview will be on around 2:30pm. I am nervous about that, so if you think about us today...pray for us. Hopefully our usually happy girl is happy :) And hopefully I don't say anything too stupid or cry like a's been emotional to say the least. Good thing is, if the baby is unhappy and the mommy is crying at least we will have one good looking Daddy to sound intelligent and look handsome!

Most importantly...give. Click here and make a pledge. Whether it be $5 or $ all counts. If you need a reason why start reading here or look at my post from Friday here.

So many of you have walked through this journey alongside our family. Family. Friends. Strangers. We would be honored if you joined us in supporting such a worthy cause.

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