Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the babe with the bangs

Dear Family and Friends (and strangers, lurkers and the like),

Despite popular beliefs and repeated questioning (which is starting to feel like interrogations at this point), my mommy did not cut my hair. Although my bangs look too straight and perfect to be true, it's just simply the way God chose to make me. What can I say? I have good hair genes.

This fuss over my hair has left me blushing and wearing Daddy's hat to hide from it all.

Baby with the Awesome Bangs-a.k.a. Madelyn Kate


  1. And it's an OU hat. Way to go Maddie!
    Love you all-

  2. I love your little blush...and the hat...the outfit you have on is very stylish...and yes GOD chose to make you perfect in our eyes...so take off the hat and let your natural hair style show!!!!Love, great granny


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