Sunday, June 13, 2010

on the mend

Madelyn has been pretty pitiful the last few days. Although she has had one other ear infection before, it was nothing compared to this one. I have never seen her so uncomfortable and mopey. She has been clingy and for the most part has just sat in someone's lap (which is rare these days...normally she is trying to jump off of you to get down and play).On the one hand, I felt so bad that Luke's dad drove nearly 10 hours to see her and she was so crabby. On the other, I think he enjoyed her sitting in his lap for extended periods of time. One things for sure, she loves her Papa. She loved was back and forth between Daddy and her Papa, reading books with him (although I don't think she let him finish any of them), practicing her waving skills, and of course the occasional scream (that came with no warning or explanation other than she wasn't feeling well).She screamed so loud and long when he was putting her in her car seat and saying goodbye this morning.

Madelyn and Aunt Kenda almost matched sporting Aunt Kenda's school colors.
They had fun playing and snuggling this morning before she got on the road.
Hopefully when everyone comes back in a few weeks we will have a happy, healthy girl on our hands!
This afternoon she has been on the mend...back to her old coffee table eating self.

Hopefully she is even closer to being 100% tomorrow.

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  1. Bless your heart! We started off with an infection in the right ear on Wedn, Fri went back and found both ears had infections, then spent Friday evening in the ER with fever that spiked at 105. That was the scariest moment seeing your child so lethargic and burning up. I pray your angel feels so much better and has the infection far behind her.


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