Sunday, March 14, 2010


I am officially embarrassed. I overslept for church. Everyone always jokes about the people that sleep late when they are supposed to move their clocks forward. Now, I am one of those people. The thing clock was set. Can I blame it on the fact that babies don't really "get" daylight savings time? Maybe not, but I will blame it on the fact that Madelyn and I invited ourselves at the last minute (and by last minute I mean 9pm last night) to join in on the girl's slumber party that was taking place at my mom and dad's house. Luke brought us our pj's and a few other essentials and we were out. We slept in the same chair we did the first few weeks we were home from the hospital and we slept so good. So good in fact that we slept too late to even try to make it to church.

So instead of church, Madelyn jumped around in the jumperooand laughed at her silly cousins
Allison and
who did not mind the extra company at all.

Tonight there will be no oversleeping. We are going to church.

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