Wednesday, March 3, 2010

video time

I finally uploaded two weeks worth of videos on to my computer.

I have to interrupt myself here to say that if you have children or plan on having them anytime need a Flip Video Camera. They are so easy to use and even easier to upload to your computer and share!!

OK. Back to what I was saying. Two weeks worth of videos.

I have to share three of my favorites.

  1. Papa and Madelyn talking to each other...

  2. Madelyn sitting in Gigi's lap laughing at Papa...

  3. The little girl playing in her exersaucer. Check out her eyebrows and all the faces she makes...

    For my niece's fifth birthday I made her a 30 minute DVD of videos that I had from the last five years and called it "5 Years in the Making". She loved it. I think I love watching it more. Ha! I have lots of videos of Madelyn and I am trying to decide what exactly I want to do with them. I know I want to store them on DVD's, but I feel like I should do more with them. Maybe make a video like the one I made Emily, except for do one for each month or every three months??

    Any ideas that you have done with your videos?


  1. The Eyebrows one is way too cute!! Especially after you ask her to say dada and her mouth moves just like she's saying it but nothing comes out!! I got a Flip for Christmas - tho I think I threw away the cable w/ the wrapping paper!! Need to see if I can find a replacement!!

  2. Bubba and I watched the eyebrow one about 3 times. It is too cute!


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