Thursday, March 11, 2010


Yesterday Madelyn and I hung out at the house for most of the morning and listened to the rain and hail as it fell against the sky lights. It gets so loud in our living room when it rains hard that it is almost impossible to have a conversation. It used to drive me crazy how loud it would get in there...these days though, I love it. It is so soothing. I think Madelyn likes it too because she just kicked back in the recliner and tried to talk over the noise.Once the storm passed we headed out to the church early to see Luke before all the students started arriving and get a look at the new student building. So many men have worked so hard to make that building what it is. Just walking through it in it's nearly completed stage was so exciting.

I was thinking last night as I looked at this sweet picture...
how blessed Madelyn and I are to have Luke. He is an amazing daddy, loving husband and incredibly hard worker. He manages to balance out time with us while putting in countless hours pouring in to the lives of the students at our church. Among so many other things he teaches the word, how to lead worship, acts as a chauffeur just about every day carting students to and from school, work, their friend's houses and church (wherever they ask him to take them). He desires for them to have a relationship with their Creator and does whatever he can to facilitate that. He spends late nights studying for lessons or personal growth, wakes up early thinking about what he needs to do to prepare for Sunday or Wednesday...his ministry is always on his mind. He is more passionate than anyone I know. BUT he never fails to let Madelyn and I know that we are his first priority. He covets his time with us and I am so thankful that Madelyn has a dad that daily strives to find a balance in his ministry and his time at home.
It was pretty awesome to see the students hanging out, playing games, and worshiping together for the first time in the new building.
I am so proud of you, Luke.

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