Wednesday, March 31, 2010

morning fun

As it turns out we were not MIA for long. This morning Madelyn has been busy cuddling with her MeeMaw Fee and playing with her second cousins, Sophia and Blake.As for this afternoon...we are heading to the OKC Zoo!

I know that Madelyn might not care at all, or even be interested in the animals for that matter, but I am super excited about her first trip to the zoo! My cousin Martha would take us to the zoo just about every time we came up when I was little (and before she moved to Montana) so it seems sort of fitting (and special) that we get to go with her and her two little ones for Madelyn's first trip!

I bought Madelyn the cutest little sun hat to wear in case we were able to make it there. Pictures to come this evening...or when I get around to it :)

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