Tuesday, March 2, 2010

weekend wrap up

Back track to last Thursday.
Madelyn and I hung out around the house for most of the day. That afternoon my mom watched Madelyn for a couple of hours so that I could go shopping (first time I have bought myself clothes since Madelyn was born-it felt strange). That night our family of three made the quick drive to Longview to see Luminate. Madelyn loved the music so much that they sang her to sleep (or it was drowned out so much by the ear plugs that she didn't hear much of it at all).She woke up after the show to say hi to the guys.

She slept so good during the concert and on the way home that we thought she would sleep well that night. Wrong. At about midnight Luke and I found ourselves laying in bed with Madelyn in her Nap Nanny between us just chatting it up. All we could do was laugh. She was happy and wide awake. Neither one of us were wide awake. Her happiness soon gave way to fussy cries. They lasted ALL NIGHT LONG. Since the day she was born she has never kept us up so much throughout the night. I attributed it to her teething.

Early Friday morning we had company. Macey came to hang out with us while her parents were attending her brother's competition. Madelyn thought she was the greatest. She laughed at all the silly faces Macey made and loved watching her. Madelyn played in her high chair while Macey and I made cupcakes for her family.
My friend Courtney also stopped by to hang out for just a bit and tell us about her recent trip to India.

When Macey's mom, Denise, came to pick her up, she wanted to hold Madelyn for a few minutes. After about two minutes my earlier theory that her lack of sleep was due to teething was shot down. Madelyn got sick ALL OVER my friend. I was mortified. I felt terrible for Madelyn but was completely embarrassed that she threw up that much on Denise. It was gross.

The rest of the afternoon Madelyn and I cuddled. She slept most of the day and whimpered a little when she was awake.
It was terrible. I felt so bad for her and there was not much I could do to make her feel better.
By late afternoon she returned to her usual happy self and was so hungry. I was nervous to feed her, but thankful that she seemed to be feeling better and that we did not have to go see the doctor.

Another reason I was glad that she was feeling better...she had visitors coming just to see her! Gigi and Papa flew in Friday night and then drove in from Fort Worth on Saturday morning with Granny to spend the day with their favorite (only) granddaughter!
Madelyn LOVED playing on the floor with Papa. She even showed them her rolling skills!!
I think this picture is precious...
She looks so content sitting there!
Madelyn wore the bunny ears from Gigi while she giggled with Papa.
I am not sure what he was saying to her, but she definitely thought it was funny...
We all went out to eat for a yummy dinner at Don Juans and Madelyn sat contently in her car seat the whole time!
Sunday morning we woke up early so that the baby girl could spend some time with Gigi and Papa before they headed back home!
We can't wait until they can make the trip back up (or we are brave crazy enough to attempt the 10 hour drive to them) to spend some more time with Madelyn.
After they left, Madelyn and I headed out to the church to join Luke. She has done SO well sitting through church. She was quiet and content until the very end. Even then, she just wanted to talk. I walked her out in to the foyer for the last few minutes of the sermon and she just oohed and ahhed!
Sunday afternoon Madelyn had her pictures taken by a friend from junior high that is now an awesome professional photographer in the DFW area! I cannot wait to see how cute they turned out!

I think that pretty much sums up the weekend around our house. Phew. I feel a little more caught up now. I also think it did not turn out to be the longest post ever despite the huge pile of pics that I used!

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