Sunday, March 7, 2010

girl's day. family fun. target. oooh yeah.

Yesterday morning six amazing girls from the student ministry came out to the house for a scrapbook day. My sister is amazing at all things scrapbook so she helped led the group!
All the girls seemed to get in to creative mode rather quickly and worked for most of the afternoon on their own scrapbook. Some were for school memories, spring break, disciple now weekend or just life in general! Rachel was always coming up with ideas for them and I...well...I offered up ideas that I heard Rachel offer up! Ha. Madelyn loved watching the big girls hard at work. I know that some day way too soon Madelyn will be the one sitting around the table asking her Aunt Rachel for ideas for her scrapbook.
I guess she will be asking her Aunt Rachel for help if she gets over the emotional scars left by what took place in the next three pictures.
How wrong is that?? I am not sure Madelyn has forgiven her for the teasing just yet. Ha! I think if the cookie was just a smidge closer she would have jumped out of the Bumbo seat and taken a bite.

It was such a fun day hanging out with the girls.
Aside from the scrapbooks, we had pizza, girl talk, and an impromptu outdoor photo shoot...
I look forward to our next girl's day...maybe cake decorating? Mom...Marlo...up for some demonstrating with your amazing cake skills??

After they left, my sister and I were more than in the mood to get a little scrapping done ourselves so we got busy right away. I am not joking when I say that my sister is phenomenal when it comes to designing scrapbook layouts...I seriously just copy what she does. It has been a lot of fun having all of our supplies in one central location to share and be creative together.

Just a little bit later my brother and his family brought dinner and some entertainment...
Insert sappy moment here: Emily is pretty much the coolest kid ever. Watching her grow over the last five and a half years has been such a blessing to my life. She is full of life and personality. A perfect mixture of her mom and dad. She has shown me how not to take life so seriously. Given me a deeper appreciation for how quickly time goes by. Watching her play and interact and hearing the witty comments that leave her mouth make me smile so big on the inside. I love this kid. She will always be the "first" of the family. The one that has taught us all how precious life is.

Ok. I told you it was a little sappy.

Madelyn didn't need any entertaining, just a cozy spot in Aunt Marlo's arms. Allison has this obsession with Madelyn's pacifiers. Actually, I think she has an obsession with all pacifiers, but any time she sees Madelyn's she goes straight for it. She does not really try to steal it, she just tries to put it in her cousin's mouth.
Allison has learned how to entertain well from her big sister. James and Ashleigh came to hang out after we ate and Allison kept them on their toes. I love this picture.She wanted to share her cheerios with Ashleigh. Take note of two things:
1. Allison has her whole fist in Ashleigh's mouth.
2. Allison is so kindly demonstrating how to "open wide".

What that picture fails to show is that Allison must have realized that she put too many cheerios in Ashleigh's mouth because she quickly grabbed a few back out and shoved them in her own. If I ever wished I had the video camera was for that moment.

This morning Madelyn and I got ready for church (she looked adorable by the way) and made it about 10 minutes down the road when she started crying out/screaming like she was hurting. Usually when she screams for more than a few seconds it leads to choking/gagging. I am not sure if most babies do that...but Madelyn does just about every time. We then spent the next 20 minutes in a gas station parking lot waiting for her to calm down. By that time I was not sure I wanted to get any further from home for it to just happen again and we would have already been late to church so we turned around and headed home.

I love that on Sunday afternoons we always try to fit in a family nap after church. It's simple and sweet.

After our nap, Madelyn and I went to Target with my mom. I had not been in quite some time (meaning a week or two) and was having some serious withdrawals. That store is seriously a "happy place" for me. Madelyn talked as we made our way throughout the whole store. Right before we were about to check out she fell asleep. She is such a good shopper. I know that the days of a rambunctious little one who wants to be in to everything are probably right around the corner.

Tonight we have just hung out at the house. Madelyn Skyped with her Gigi, Papa, Great Granny and Aunt Kenda (who is on spring break)! We have sung "I'm a Little Teapot" about 13 times and Madelyn giggled every single time.
Then we read a little Dr. Seuss. She is always so captivated by the art work and seems to really enjoy being read to...
I am sure she will not be happy with me about this some day, but check out this face...
This was the second time in two days that I wished I had my video camera in my hand and did not. She was straining so hard to "handle her business" so to speak. Ha! She would make that face...turn bright red...then giggle. After about five minutes of doing that over and over again we headed to the changing table. I was laughing so hard and she kept giving me looks as if to say, "What are you laughing at lady?".

Oh the things we deem appropriate for discussion on the world wide web when babies are involved :)

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