Friday, March 5, 2010

No doubt

...about it.

Since the day that I embarked on the journey of motherhood, I think I joined the "world of worry". It's just what mom's do, right? I have had my doubts about so many things. First and foremost, I have worried about her breathing.

One thing I have not really had to worry much about...if Madelyn was getting enough to eat.

She definitely likes her grub.

I have the pictures to prove it.

These days she is smart enough to know that Bumbo or high chair + bib = food.

Speaking of bibs, a friend's aunt from Michigan who read about and prayed for Madelyn, sent her this super cute bib that she made (along with another...and a blanket...and a bear). The generosity of strangers has touched our hearts and shown us the power of the body of Christ in such a special way.

I was telling Madelyn that it was a gift from someone special and it was like she knew what I was saying...she kept checking it out...
"Mom and Dad's Little Sweet Maddie" could not be more true.
She lights up when she sees the cereal. I cannot wait to try other foods with her because I know so many funny faces will accompany them!Do you see why I have never really had my doubts about this child's eating?
Aside from the rolls...
and the "healthy" cheeks...
her big huge smiles while eating are enough to convince anyone that she is a good, happy eater.

Whenever we are finished, I have been putting the last bite on the spoon and handing it over to see what she does with it. I know it's way too early for her to know, but never too early to practice.
Can you believe where that bite ended up??
After a pit stop to the forehead via the nose, she actually put it in her mouth!!!

I started cheering so loud that she pulled it out and started looking at me like I had gone crazy.No doubt about it...Madelyn loves her food.

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  1. That last pic is priceless. Just when you think she can't get any cuter, she does!


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