Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This morning (after yet another night of a screaming baby and no sleep for our little family of 3) I took Madelyn to the doctor. I was sure she had an ear infection or something like it that was causing my sweet little baby girl to be so fussy. That had to be the answer. Madelyn's pediatrician was out so we saw Dr. C and she was pretty amazing. She looked in Madelyn's ears. "Wow mom! These ears look beautiful! Perfect!"

Not that I wanted her to have an ear infection by any means, but I just knew that was going to explain our week of sleepless nights and unusually fussy baby girl.

The next thing I heard from Dr. C's mouth was, "Oh my! Have you looked in her mouth lately??"

I kept thinking, "Yes, but what the heck am I looking for??"

Apparently Madelyn has five teeth that are visible under her gums.

"That explains it," said Dr. C. "The next few months may be a bit rough."
It's been obvious that she has been teething.
The constant gnawing, drooling and pulling at her mouth have left no room to deny it.
The problem is...those "miracle" teething tablets that I have heard so many rave about...don't do a thing for Madelyn.
So if you find yourself awake around 3am, think of my husband and I because more than likely we are too. As for Madelyn, she was so exhausted this afternoon that she fell asleep sitting up in one of the student's arms. I was jealous but I don't think Harmonee would have thought it was as sweet if I was the one asleep on her arm :)
I can't seem to snap a picture of the babe without her hands at, in or around her mouth.
She chews on just about everything and her new favorite way to use her paci is to chew on the hard sides.
Dear Madelyn's First Five Teeth,
Come through soon. Please. We can't wait to see you. We can't wait for you to stop causing our sweet girl pain. We hope that if you decide to take "a few months" to come in, that you start acting a little nicer...especially at 3am. That would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Madelyn's Sleep Deprived Parents


  1. Wow! At least she'll get them in early and be done...I had to wait until Alex was 1.5years for his first tooth. It was agony.

    It's Tylenol Time! Hope Madelyn (and you!) get some relief soon!

  2. Dont forget about the vibrating teether at babies r us!! It really helped my daughter during her teething (she also had as many teeth come in at once)
    I was wondering why you hadnt been playing words with friends lately. Now I know, Youre exhausted. Good luck.
    Kristy (Karistylynn)

  3. Glad it wasn't the ear infection. I wondered about the teething too when I posted my last comment. We use tylenol during the day and motrin at night (it lasts longer) for teething issues and it helps us a lot.

  4. Well, that does explain it, doesn't it? Sorry for the sleep depreviation, but I'm sure they will be beautiful and adorable when they are in- just have to get there :)

  5. Good luck! I know how much trouble 2 were coming in. I can't imagine 5!!!

  6. we had 3 at once, so we know where you are coming from.

  7. So sorry for such a rough time. What worked best for both my kids and was recommended by a pediatrician. Put some Motrin/Ibuprofen on your finger and rub it on her gums. (I put my finger on the bottle opening, tipped it upside down a couple times, then rubbed it on their gums). It is an anti-inflammatory and is absorbed quickly. I just saved it for those most crucial times, like bedtime. Seemed to work great for my kids.

  8. Well phooey. I hope they come through quickly & then you get a break for a while til the rest of them come in. All three of my kids got their first teeth at or about 5 months & they got a new one every 2-3 weeks afterward til they had their full mouthful. It was torture for months & months, but when they finally got all their teeth, they went back to being their usual happy selves. You get lucky...doing five all at once! WooHoo! That'll shorten her overall teething time.

  9. Sorry she's having a tough go of it!! Nolan also had a bunch come in at once!! Unfortunately, it took them awhile to finally come thru!! The teething tablets didn't work for us either! Try rubbing (liquid) Benedryl on the gums!! Good luck!


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