Monday, March 1, 2010

three things

I think I am due for the longest blog post ever. I have pictures piled up from 5 days now. It's going to take some work. A lot of work. Tomorrow I am up for the challenge. At least I hope that I am. Right now, I am laughing at a few of the pictures in "the pile".

There are three things that my child really loves:
  1. Being naked
  2. Sitting in the recliner
  3. Eating her feet
What can I say? This is her idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon.

As of late, Madelyn is a rolling machine. For the last week she has been rolling like a champ from her back to her belly. For the most part she was sneaky about it. I would turn my head for a minute and look back to find her on her belly. Now she doesn't care who is watching...she does it all the time. She thinks it's pretty cool until she can't figure out how to get back on to her back. Then she screams until we do it for her. It's rather comical. BUT tonight she figured it out!! She rolled from her back to her belly then her belly to her back!

I know pretty soon she will be all over the place. She is already trying to pull up on her knees. I was so worried about her not rolling over and now I am not sure I am ready for her to be so mobile. I am not sure our house is ready for her to be so mobile. Ready or not though, right?

Tomorrow=post the pile of pictures. Tomorrow=longest blog post ever. I can do it.

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