Tuesday, March 9, 2010

time to print.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend from junior high turned absolutely amazing photographer, Lauren, was in town to take pics of her niece and stopped by to take some of Madelyn as well. I got the photo CD in the mail today. Oh.my.goodness! I don't know what I was more captivated by...the fact that Lauren was able to take so many amazing photos in a matter of 30 minutes of just hanging out at our house or that my daughter could possibly be this adorable...

Although she can obviously do it all, Lauren is a phenomenal wedding photographer for Fairy Tale Photography in the DFW area. See for yourself here. Thanks to this photo shoot from November (and another fantastic photographer) my house is already full of precious pictures of my baby girl. Now I cannot wait to print some more to put on display. The last one above is my absolute favorite. Lauren, thank you!!

Tonight we had our first soccer practice. Every time I see the excitement in their eyes it takes me back to so many years of fun. I love the game. I love that my parents hauled me to and from games in Tyler and Dallas and tournaments all over the place. I am thankful that I had the chance to play at a really young age, get a few years in during high school before knee injuries would force me to call it quits and now I get to coach little rugrats who are eager and excited to play.

After practice Madelyn and I went to my parent's house while Luke had a late meeting with area student pastors gearing up for DNOW next weekend. As I looked at Madelyn playing on the floor, I could not help but think about how big she has gotten.It never ceases to amaze me how much she changes from week to week. Watching my mom hold her, I thought back to the month we spent at their house (ya know, when we came home from the hospital the second time to a flooded down stairs?). I thought of how tiny Madelyn was in my mom's arms. That is definitely not the case any more.
I remember my mom reassuring me day after day that "some day" she would be bigger, stronger, healthier. "Some day" we would look back at those days and wonder where the time had gone.
Mom, you were right...I just never imagined it would be so soon.

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