Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Yesterday our family of 3 was a tad bit on the lazy side...and truthfully, that is putting it mildly. We pretty much hung out around the house in our pajamas until late afternoon. It was a perfect "recovery" day from constantly being on the go. We watched a movie, played with the baby girl and lounged around.

Madelyn had some sort of rash that popped up on her face. We are not really sure what caused it (maybe all that drool??) but it went away rather quickly so we weren't too worried about it.
By about 2pm Luke was saying, "We need to do something. Let's go for a walk." It was a beautiful day...hard to believe it was snowing and dreary all day the day before. Madelyn seemed to love being outside. She did not love the sun in her eyes, but thankfully she has a daddy that worked really hard to block it from coming in under the canopy.
It was so refreshing to just be outside.
Tyler has some wonderful trails and I definitely think this will have to be something that we do more often!
After our walk we stopped to get sandwiches from Subway (instead of going to the grocery store) because our refrigerator and pantry are bare. We are finally getting Madelyn settled in to an earlier bedtime routine. She was not falling asleep until 11pm and then not waking up, except to eat, until 11am. Despite the late bedtime, she was still getting her 12 hours in but 9pm to 9am is working out so much better!

This morning we are off to the run some errands. Target (don't really need anything from there, but I am sure I will find something!), Wal-Mart and maybe another walk on the trails. Tonight we have soccer practice and then I am looking forward to cooking our first home cooked dinner in almost a week!!

Before we go, here are a few pictures from our morning photo shoot.

She is so stinkin' cute! What do you think?


  1. YES she is so stinkin' cute!! Glad you guys were able to have a lazy day...those are always nice! :)

  2. That's exactly what I was thinking! I love the 2ns to last picture!!!


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