Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We made it!

Monday I did not blog...I told myself that I could not blog until we were packed for our little getaway to OKC. In my typical fashion, I did not finish until a little after midnight. It's not that I had a lot to pack, it's just that I did not start until really late.

The day was too pretty not to enjoy. While I finished up some mini scrapbooks that I was bringing as gifts, I opened up the back doors and Madelyn enjoyed a little sunshine.
At one point there were about 10 deer within 10 yards of the back porch. We watched them play until "Madelyn the Motorboat" scared them away.Once I finally started to pack...I got a case of "oh, while I am here". You know...on the way to change the laundry out I will wipe down the laundry room sink but first I need to go get a towel and while I am there I will fold the towels and put them away and while I am there take out the trash and while I am in the garage I will clean out the car and...well...you get the point. When it comes to cleaning or really most things domestic I am a bit ADD.

It all got finished and we hit the road this morning.
Our plan was to leave at 8am. You know how that goes...we needed an oil change...then we needed to stop by the bank...then the church...so we hit the interstate around 11am. We realized that our Tom Tom needs a little updating when we stopped along the way to see some friends in Rockwall and due to all the new development, it had no idea where we were.

We met the Hollands for lunch at Snuffers. It was such a pretty day so we ate outside and enjoyed a beautiful view of the lake. They have the cutest little girl, Hadley with the biggest brown eyes you have ever seen and a baby boy on the way! It's always so refreshing to sit down with friends.

After lunch we were back on the road.
I had my second experience at changing a diaper in the car. This time went much better than the first!
I was telling Luke how sweet I think Madelyn's birth mark is on her foot. It's unique. He replied, "She is going to hate that when she is older." I sure hope not. Madelyn, if you are reading this and are 13 years old and hating your birthmark...I want you to know that everyone who sees it thinks it is absolutely precious!!
She was so excited when we made it to Grandma's house. She was tired of being cooped up all day. She just stretched out and rolled around on the carpet.
I had her on a blanket but she moves all over the place these days. It's pretty pointless!

She is looking forward to playing with her second cousins the next couple of days so we may be MIA. We shall return soon enough though...with lots of pictures...you can count on that!


  1. I, too, struggle with the "while I'm here" curse! What is our problem? Now, I just have to make a list and only do what's on the list. It's awful! Before I know it, the whole day is gone and I didn't do a darn thing that I set out to do.

  2. I can totally relate to the cleaning ADD and "while I'm here." Once you have kids you just have to take advantage of any free moments you have to get things done because who knows when the next opportunity will open up.


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