Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy 1/2 Birthday Baby Girl

Dear Madelyn,
I was scouring my emails from the last year for one that had some information in it that I needed when I came across this one and it brought a smile to my face...

From: Marlo Bitter
Subject: Emily's nighttime prayer
To: "Kathryn Bilberry"
Date: Thursday, June 18, 2009, 9:58 PM

Tonight Emmy was so cute...she said "God please help baby Madelyn come out of Kathryn's tummy safely and wrap her up in blankets". She has no clue how much longer! Haha. She's so sweet! Just thought I'd share :)

It made me think back to all those months of excitement and anticipation as we waited for you to arrive. Everyone was excited for you to come in to this world...especially your cousin, Emily.

It is hard to believe that you turned six months old on Wednesday! All day long I sang "Happy Half Birthday to you..." and you would smile and giggle every time. I really wanted to throw you a little party, but Wednesdays are just long and busy around our house.

Each night since then I have tried to write you this letter, but somehow kept deleting it. I think it's because I have been so sleepy when I finally get the chance to sit down and write it. Wednesday night we did not make it home until 11pm. As I tried to write you your letter, I kept replacing a certain word with a potty word. Ooops. Then...I deleted it the next day on accident. I tried to start writing it again...only to realize I must have deleted it yet again. I tell you all this in part to let you know that you, my precious little six month old, keep me busy and tired these days and I love every minute of it.

You are constantly exploring your surroundings.

If it is within your reach...your hands are on it. If it is not within your reach, you try to get to it.

You have started to scoot yourself backwards in your attempts to go forward. You pull your legs up as if you are going to crawl but your arms fall out from under you when you do!

You are sitting pretty well for a minute or so at a time (except when you are mad). Tonight you sat up for a couple of minutes until you started to fuss and threw yourself backwards.

You turn your head towards every new noise you hear! You
love music...just like your daddy.

Yesterday, I let you try some Applesauce. You pretty much hated it and kept spitting it out. I tried to be persistent because I thought eventually you would like it. No such luck.
After about 10 minutes of that face, I mashed up some bananas for you. You really did not like that. I don't know what I was thinking trying to give you two different new foods in one day? There would have been no way to know which one you were allergic to if you had a reaction. Sometimes I do silly things like that even when I know better.
The faces that you made are priceless. I captured a lot of it on video so I am sure that they will provide laughs for our family for years to come.
Once I started to clean you off you flashed me the biggest smiles!
After we were done I decided it was bath time so I stripped you down to get you ready.
You really loved that because you love to be naked.
Just recently I have started bathing you in the big tub and you think it is the greatest thing ever. You chew on your rubber ducks and kick your feet from the time I put you in until the time I pull you out.

This morning we took you to the doctor for your 6 month check up and shots. I did something else that I could not believe I did...I forgot your paci!! How could I have done that...especially on a "shot" day?? I worried about it during the whole appointment!

You weighed in at 15 lbs. 12 oz. and are 26 inches long!

The doctor felt great about your progress and said that you were right on track developmentally!
You were so good the entire visit (minus a little fussing when the doctor was checking you out).
While we were waiting for the nurse to come in you decided that you were hungry and tried to eat the paper on the exam table.
It did not really surprise us since you try to eat everything.
I started to freak out when we were waiting on your shots so your dad went across the street to get you a paci just in case. You did not even need it. You cried for all of 20 seconds and then were your happy little self again.

Some other 6 month "stats" about you are:
  • you wear a size 3 diaper (you actually fit better in a 2 but the 3's that we have seem to do a little better over night...they will fit a little better in no time though)
  • you require 12 hours of sleep at night
  • you nap 3-4 hours a day and just about any time we are in the car
  • you wear 6-9 months pajamas and 3-6 month outfits still but as soon as it warms up consistently you will be in 6-9 months only (you have a closet full of spring/summer 6-9 month clothes)
  • you are teething but have no teeth yet
  • you roll and roll and roll the minute we put you down
  • you love your jumperoo and exersaucer
  • you love to stand (with our help of course)
  • you are just about the happiest little thing ever
  • you make new sounds every day and have recently discovered how to squeal
  • motorboating is your favorite sound
This afternoon we had a "spur of the moment" photo session with an awesome photographer and I cannot wait to get the pictures in!! Three professional photographers taking your pics in 6 months?? Awesome. Pictures after shots?? You were perfect and smiled SO big.

We spent most of the day together as a family, which is exactly how we like to spend our Fridays. Tonight you got to Skype with Gigi and Papa and Great Granny. You were a little fussy but that that's because it was bed time and you were hungry.
Six months old? Time goes by so quickly. If there is one thing that I could tell you that I want you to know and hold on to as truth in your life, Madelyn, it would be that you are loved. You are loved by me. Loved by Daddy. Loved by so many here on earth. More than are loved by God. I pray that as you grow your identity will be found in Him.

I love you, princess.
The past six months have been such a blessing to my life.


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