Friday, March 12, 2010

{the way he looks at her}

Yesterday Madelyn and I loved having Luke at home. He is usually off on Fridays but needed to be out at the church for a few different things all day today so he was home with us yesterday. After laying in bed for way too long, we headed out to run some errands, do a little shopping and enjoy lunch at Don Juans. Madelyn is SO good when we go out to eat. I know that probably won't last much longer...but it sure is awesome for now.

She looked super cute in her lime green skort, hot pink shirt and coordinating bow that I made her before she was born. I definitely think this is the largest bow that I have put on her...and it was really only because it matched so well.
I did not realize until 11pm that these were two of like five pictures that I took (and to be honest, I think Luke took them) of Madelyn yesterday. That is rare around here. I upload at least 50 pics a day. I know that is a bit excessive-but that's just the way it is.
I guess we were just too busy enjoying the day that we did not take the time to stop and take pictures.

This morning Madelyn played by herself so well. I have been really trying to work on not entertaining her the entire time she is awake because I have noticed that she is already getting used to that and is starting to demand it. She did so great though.
She rolled around. Grabbed at her toys. Chewed on her rattles. Talked up a storm.
Then...while I was changing out some laundry...
she managed to scoot herself from the middle of the living room to the edge of the dining room. YIKES! I cannot believe she is so close to being mobile. I mean really mobile. The funny thing about the way that she scoots is that she moves backwards.
All that scooting led to one tired little baby girl. At first, I did what I normally do. I picked her up off the floor once she became really fussy and started to rock her. She was asleep in a matter of seconds. After about 25 minutes of snuggling with her in the recliner, I decided that if I wanted to get anything done today I was going to have to put her down. Many days I just hold her for her entire three hour nap. Not only does this mean that I accomplish nothing for those three hours, but to make matters always makes me feel more tired that I have done nothing but sit for three hours. Still, I cherish those naps. The snuggling. I know that those moments are more important than anything I could "get done", but today I really needed to catch up on house work and an unmentionable amount of laundry. So...I did it. I let her take a nap in another room. I hooked her up to her monitor. Turned on the baby monitor just in case I did not hear the blaring siren if it were to go off and I left the room. It was her first real nap in her crib. She has taken one nap in it before...remember this? Today was different though. That day, I was hovering over her just about the whole time. Today, I only peeked my head in about 20 times in the hour and a half that she slept.
I am not sure who I am more proud of...Madelyn or myself? I think we may try to nap in the crib more often. I was able to get so much done and she seemed to be as well rested in two hours as she normally is in three.

Not long after she woke up Luke was home from work. I have decided that the only thing that I enjoy photographing as much as Madelyn is Madelyn with her Daddy.
They are absolutely precious together.
I always knew he would be a phenomenal dad. He is so great with children. What I did not anticipate was the way that he would look at her.He absolutely adores her and you can see it in his eyes each and every time he looks at her. It melts my heart every time.
Tonight my brother and his family came over for dinner. My sister-in-law took these pictures of Madelyn and Allison playing together. All I have to say is that I am so glad that we have a laid back baby.
Madelyn did not fuss until Allison jumped on her back like she was a horse.
Somehow I managed to not really take any pictures of the evening. I was too busy trying to duplicate the dessert Nathan made us the other night. I am happy to report that it was a success.
Yummiest bowl of goodness ever.


  1. These photos are magical! I love how Madelyn is way off center illustrating her new mobility. :) You'll be getting a lot of those.

    One thing that I've noticed as Alex has gotten older is that I take fewer photos--not because there are fewer moments, but because there are more moments that I just want to savor without a camera between him and me. There are still plenty of snaps, though!

  2. I am glad you figured out the recipe...sorry I didn't get it to you...yours look just as yummy! I LOVE Madelyn in that blue color! The close up picture is my favorite...something about it reminds me just a little bit of Emily!
    Since the weather is getting so pretty we will have to meet you and Maddie at the park sometime after we get back from Mexico. The boys and I went to the Brookshire's park last week and it was so fun! Actually I will be in Tyler on the Monday after we get back...I think that is the 22nd if you're not busy we can get lunch and take it to the park! Have a great week!


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