Thursday, April 1, 2010

a beautiful day

Madelyn has really started to sit up on her own for longer periods of time now. When this picture was taken, she had been sitting for about five minutes unassisted!
She has loved playing with her second cousins, Great Grandma and great aunts.

Luke brought his guitar with us on the trip and provided a little entertainment yesterday afternoon for the little ones.
After lunch and a little relaxation time we left for the zoo. It was a beautiful day (a little windy-but beautiful none the less).

Madelyn loved being wheeled around in her stroller facing out...
until she got too sleepy to keep her eyes open anymore.
My cousin's little ones loved the new Children's Zoo.
And Madelyn LOVED the carousel. She rode it twice.
Once with Mommy...
and once with Daddy.
She loved it so much that when she had to get off of it the second time
she was pretty unhappy about it
and let us know by screaming!
After a few minutes of Daddy working to cheer her up
She was happy again!
More fun will be had today, I am sure!


  1. Oh those rolls. Gotta love em!

  2. i love that there is a gnome in the background of the first picture. so fitting! :) Rachel


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