Monday, April 19, 2010

Yesterday morning Madelyn fell asleep about 2 minutes before we pulled in to the church parking lot. I felt so bad waking her up (so much so that I almost just rolled down the windows and let her sleep). She did pretty well during all of the music. She just stared at her daddy playing the guitar for the most part and grinned at the people behind us. Once the music was over, she got all wiggly and ready to play so I took her in to the nursery. I am working my way up to leaving her in there...maybe some day soon.After church my mom, Rachel, Luke, Madelyn and I were just hanging out at the house. My friend Katie and her little boy Nathan stopped by for a little while to look at scrapbook stuff. At one point Madelyn and Nathan were "talking" back and forth to each other. It was so precious.
Nathan is so handsome. He has the longest eye lashes I have ever seen.
It's so fun to watch him play because I am used to watching girls. He is all boy. He walks like a little man, picks everything up (even the toys that are bigger than he is), and has this adorable serious face when he is trying really hard to do something. Hopefully he and Madelyn will be good friends some day!
Marlo and Allison came over a little later. Allison is just a little bit older than Nathan so it was really fun to watch them interact.

Katie told Nathan to give Allison a kiss and before Nathan could react, Allison was bent over the table ready for her kiss!
The rest of the afternoon Marlo and I spent being crafty while Allison and Madelyn hung out in the living room with Grandma.

I am not sure there is much that is cuter than a baby playing in a diaper (unless you are in Wal-Mart...then it's not cute). Madelyn had fun playing with her Grandma and cousin. I know these two have many years of playing together ahead of them.
Now that we are back on schedule after our trip to OKC, Madelyn has been falling asleep around 7:30pm every night. I love it because it means she wakes up between 7-8am every morning! That is so much better than her waking up between 9-11am. I feel like we actually have a morning now!

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  1. We had so much fun playing with all of you! Hope to do it again soon! And yes, Nathan and Maddie can go to prom together ;)


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