Friday, April 16, 2010

pictures from Wednesday

You would think that we do not feed this child considering how often I catch her eating her feet, shoes and all. It's cute now, but I am thinking it won't be cute when she turns 7 and is still pulling her foot to her mouth in class. Sounds kind of out there, but I went to elementary school with a girl that would bite her toe nails off when she "got bored". I am praying that my pay back for laughing at her is not going to be having a child that enjoys the taste of salty, dirty toes.Madelyn has loved eating her bananas all week long! She eats so well for Grandma.
I often wonder why people choose to post unattractive pictures of themselves or their children for everyone to see and sworn that I would not do that (for Madelyn's sake of course)...but today...well this picture of my precious princess looking like a grumpy old man is too priceless not to share!
Gosh, she is cute.
I am hoping that Madelyn keeps up the good eating habits once we get home. My mom has been feeding her in the morning whereas I was trying for lunch time. Maybe that is what has made the difference?
Or the fact that she is spoiled rotten already by Grandma (not that she isn't by me also...but she is just playing her chips right)?
I am so glad that we have been able to make it to OKC three times so far. It's her fourth time to spend a week with MeeMaw Fee and she loves her!
We ate lunch at Panera Bread and I used her high chair cover (which I love) to save her from all the nasty germs :)
She was quite the cutie and kept smiling at everyone around us.
After lunch we went by Wal-Mart to grab a few things for dinner. It's so fun having her sitting in the shopping cart instead of in her carrier. She is so much happier sitting up in the seat!
After a long afternoon, she tuckered out in the car. We opened the doors and rolled down the windows and she and I took a little nap in the car.
My Aunt Sharon has the most amazing back yard. We all sat outside before dinner, enjoying the beautiful weather and eating appetizers.
I love this picture of Madelyn and Beth. It's absolutely precious!
She loved looking at the birds and flowers and the people too!

She loves being in MeeMaw's lap.
This picture means so much to me yet it is hard for me to put it in to words. 86 years. Young and old. Generations.
I love it.

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