Friday, April 23, 2010

Is it possible...

that Madelyn is going to be seven months old tomorrow?

I am in total disbelief. Or maybe it's called denial?

Where is the pause button?

I have been a little slower than some to introduce solid foods, but this kid loves them so now I have no choice really. She did not like applesauce (or maybe it did not like her?) and it made her tummy hurt. However, she does slurp down bananas, pears, peas and cereal of course.

Mum mums and biter biscuits are her new best friends. She thinks puffs are fun to eat and throw and hide in the little creases in her legs.

She pretty much needs a bath after every meal.

Did I mention that tomorrow she is going to be seven months old?

Is it really possible?

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  1. I love reading this, even though its sad that are babies are growing up so fast! My little girl Abbie, will be 7 months on the 8Th. I have a question, does your little one have teeth and when did you introduce the puffs and mum mums too her?


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