Saturday, April 24, 2010

Craft Fair Day

I think my hands are permanently sticky and scarred from my hot glue gun.

Today will be well worth it though.

It's the Azalea Trails Arts and Craft Fair day in Tyler, Texas at Bergfeld Park.


9am-6pm today!

Or come tomorrow.


Enjoy the sunshine. Buy some bows :)

*If you love me (and my sister), a Sonic Diet Coke delivery would be fabulous*


  1. I'm sure the next post will be about how well the craft show went - so I won't ask but I have to know: How many Sonic Diet Coke's did ya'll get!?! ;) Hope it went well for ya'll!!

  2. I wish I had know you were there!!! My mom was in town so I took her, I had to sit at the picnic tables the whole time but had I known you were there I would have come by! Not to mention, I LOVE those little bows. I'd like to purchase one for my cousin who just had a cutie pie little girl.
    On other you make the beanies with bows?


Thank you for the comment love! :)

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