Monday, April 12, 2010

what we've been up to...

Saturday night, while Luke and I went to a concert (more on that another day), Madelyn hung out at the house with Grandma. I love how happy she looks when she is in the tub. I am telling you, when I take my kid to the zoo we are going to have to stay away from the fish tank because she just might jump in. She loves the water.
Grandma gave her a pretty rockin' mohawk!

She was asleep by 7:45pm that night which was a good thing considering we had a big day planned for Sunday. Over the course of the last 7 months our church has been building a new student building and yesterday they held the ribbon cutting and dedication.
The students have already been in the building for almost a month, but this gave the rest of the church the opportunity to walk through and see the inside. I am so proud of all the hard work that Luke has put in getting this building ready for the students.
There are so many talented men that put in lots of time and energy to make this building happen so it was pretty awesome to show off the finished product.
So many people stuck around after church to show their support.
After a the ribbon cutting and a celebration lunch, Madelyn and I headed home for a girl's afternoon at the house. Marlo, Emily, Rachel, Madelyn and I hung out all afternoon being crafty. I did not get a whole lot done, but it sure was fun!

This morning Madelyn looked so cute sitting in our bed while I got ready.
We ran errands, including a quick stop by Hobby Lobby for some more ribbon. I cannot believe that my baby girl is big enough to sit up in the basket now. She loves it though and is constantly looking around and grabbing at everything!
Luke installed Madelyn's new big girl car seat tonight and we took it for a test drive. She was asleep withing 2 minutes. I will assume that means that she likes it!
I have a lot of things on my mind tonight and have all weekend, but have had the hardest time putting them in to words. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. sorry we missed you yesterday! I can't believe Maddie Kate is already in a big girl seat...time flies. I LOVE the black hat with the red bow...too cute. I have a shower to go to for my cousin with the quads on the 24th...I need to come by and buy some bows and hats for the three girls.

  2. That has got to be the most styling baby in a grocery cart I have ever seen. Her ensemble goes with the cart cover. I love it!

  3. Your baby is just adorable, she is so pretty! I really enjoy your blog. You mentioned in one of your blogs about going private? My thoughts on this "Blogging Thing", is that it is so uplifting to read about others and most especially sharing Jesus with each other! I just started in Feb.and am really "addicted" to the testimonies that are shared by other familys! This is my new hobby! You never know who you might touch with yours.:) Have a Blessed Day!


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