Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Madelyn Kate,
Today you were a pretty needy little stinker. You did not want me to be out of your sight for one second, let alone put down. The house was a mess though from the busy week we had last week...the laundry was piled high, there were bow making supplies everywhere, the dishes needed to be done and the list could go on...so I needed to get a few things done.

The solution to our dilemma...I pushed you all over the house with me. For the most part you loved it! You still fussed if I was out of sight, but I could just turn you around and you were happy again. When I wanted to sweep the kitchen and dining room, I gave you a little treat. Some call it irresponsible. Others call it a mommy life saver. I call it...the drive in.You loved watching Baby Einstein for a little while from the comforts of your umbrella stroller.

I love that you love to be near me, but tomorrow can we try to be a little less grouchy? Mommy would appreciate it.

Thank you sweet girl. I love you!



  1. This really takes me back. As you know, the umbrella stroller got at least as much use in the house as out of the house when the boys were that age. I think they like not only being right with you, but a little higher up than on the floor.

    And I can't believe she has started crawling! Point her north so she can crawl up here for a visit!!

    I'm so glad the crafts fair went well. The pics were great, and I love all the bows you got for the Madelyn project.

    Do you know if there is anything they do for the little boys in NICU? I was trying to think what they could do that would be similar to the bows and flowers on the little girls caps, but haven't come up with anything.

    Love, Nancy

  2. Oh girl, it is only the beginning of the attachment issue. Wait until she gets to be 8 months. Let me just say,there is a lot of screaming in our house.


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