Thursday, April 29, 2010

family date

This afternoon Luke took Madelyn and I on a surprise family date. We ate some yummy El Lugar under a shade tree and then headed to the Caldwell Zoo.
It was beautiful weather and there were very few people so it was perfect!
All of the flowers were in full bloom and gorgeous.
There were lots of them too. The entire zoo is landscaped beautifully and it was fun to take some pictures of all the vibrant colors. I secretly posted this pic in hopes that Jana would see it and be proud of me. She is a phenomenal photographer. I wish I was (but I am trying!).

I love how Madelyn always has her feet up. She was just hanging out like this for most of the time we were there.
When we rounded the corner by the otter tank and I saw this guy...
it brought back so many memories. I wonder how much of my parent's money went in to that thing. I look forward to next year when I show Madelyn how fun it is to get the fish food and watch the fish and ducks swarm the little pebbles after you throw them in the water.

Daddy had fun showing Madelyn all of the different birds. They were SO loud when we were standing over there. All of them were squawking at once.

I love this picture of my two favorite people.
I wish this was a video because the little laugh and great big smile that accompanied Luke playing with Madelyn was absolutely precious.

Madelyn was a little too distracted by the loud birds to look at the camera.
I love my girl.
This is our first family portrait that we have taken in our typical style. When Luke and I were getting married and putting together the slide show, we realized that most of our pics were taken by Luke sticking his arm out and hoping we were centered. I have to say...this takes talent :) I love how it turned out though!
After the zoo we headed to the snow cone stand that I used to ride my bike to when I was little. Wedding Cake snow cones are amazing and that one did not disappoint. It was awesome and Madelyn was so jealous!

Thanks Mister for an awesome family date!

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