Thursday, April 22, 2010

{The Madelyn Project}

For every bow that is bought, one will be donated.

I have shared about it so many times before. The impact that a little purple flower clip had on my family when Madelyn was on the ventilator. I know it may not seem like much to some, but it continues to mean so much to me.
So for every bow that is bought, one is put in the jar. Once it is full, then I will deliver them. This weekend we will have the jar at the craft fair. As each bow is bought, the buyer gets to place one in the jar.
It's pretty simple. Buy a bow. Give a bow.


  1. Where and when is the craft show?

  2. I love that idea!!! I wish I were in the area. I'd be there!

  3. That is so neat and special. My little one, Kaylynn was never in the NICU or anything, but when she left to get her hospital pictures taken and she came back with a tiny little pink bow on her little head, it made me feel all warm inside. Nothing like an adorable bow on your precious baby girl! :) You're bows are so cute! Way to go!

  4. Such a cute family! I like your blog, just became a follower, come check out mine!


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