Tuesday, April 20, 2010

wrong side of the recliner

I look at these two pictures and think, "No way did I take those yesterday! That was not my incredibly grumpy child smiling and happy, was it?"Yesterday morning Madelyn woke up in a Terrible (yes, with a capital T) mood. It was the first time in her little life that she has woken up grumpy. I was pretty much in shock because she is normally happy and smiling when she wakes up. Then something even more strange happened...she stayed that way ALL DAY LONG. She was pretty much a fussy girl for the majority of the day!

She did not want to be put down.

She did not want to play.

She definitely did not want to nap.

It was pretty rough. I was in my PJ's until after 2pm.

I would guess she just woke up on the wrong side of the bed recliner, but I think we have some pearly whites that are trying to push their way through to thank for a miserable little girl.

She did manage to smile for a little while yesterday afternoon, but seriously that was it!

Last night I was praying for a better day today. I was praying that either a tooth would come through or just leave her alone for one day.

This morning when she woke up she looked up at me and flashed her precious smile and I knew right then that today was going to be a good day!

Today's going to be busy. This morning we are going to a program for the Crisis Pregnancy Center with some ladies from church and then heading to lunch with the volunteer committee for the Children's Miracle Network. After that we are heading home to get some things made for this weekend (hopefully).

God has really been working in my heart this past week. I feel like he is leading me to do something and I have an idea of what that is but at the same time I have no clue. Does that make any sense? I know that at just the right moment I will know what it is.

I am looking forward to an eventful day with Maddie Kate by my side. I love having a buddy to take with me everywhere.


  1. just when I think I have seen the cutest picture of Maddie you come up with something even cuter!!!!! These are the best so far....I think..if not they are close to it. Love you Three and love the pictures. Grt. Granny

  2. OMG Kathryn, Maddie is JUST precious!!!! I always look forward to your blog... you are a GREAT writer!! :) Maddie is seriously a DOLL that 2nd picture of her on this post is just ADORABLE!!!!


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