Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I have to get this girl some friends!I am not sure the $4 mirror from Target is going to cut it much longer.

I drove by The Little People Gym the other day and it has closed down. I was totally disappointed. I have always dreamed of being a stay at home mom and taking my very own munchkin to play with other kids at the baby gym.

Beyond that, I am lacking in ideas for places to take Madelyn to interact and make friends. There really aren't any other little babies at church. I guess I could stalk the local pediatrician's offices and wait for moms walking in with babies Madelyn's age and strike up a conversation...but that would just be...well...weird (not to mention the fact that if I saw this taking place I would probably call the cops). Or I could hang out on the baby food aisle at Target and hope to see some friendly faces...but again...that would set off my creeper alarm if I was on the other end of it. Ha!

I am thinking we need to start a baby play group. Not sure how or who but Madelyn is going to hate me later on in life when she has no one to invite to her birthday parties except the cute little girl in the mirror!


  1. call me and we can get the girls together, if you dont mind camden and claire tagging along. i'm sure they would love it, just as much as carlyle.

  2. I have a couple ideas for you. Library storytimes are a great place to meet new friends. I met a good one there. Sometimes they divide the storytimes by age groups so you can really meet someone with a kid your kid's age. Also, some communities have Mom's Clubs. You might be able to look online to see if there is a local chapter in your area. You are already in Mops (or at least I think you mentioned attending one), yet another good place to meet Moms with kid's your kid's age. Lastly, don't rule out the park. I got plugged into Mom's club by meeting another Mom at the park while pushing Kadyn on a swing. If you pray for it, they'll come:)

  3. Oh yea! I almost forgot. There's a website called It has a ton of groups you can join to chat about Mom things with other Moms and sometimes there are local groups on there you can join to set up playdates with. If not, you can always start one on that website. You'd be surprised how many other Mom's are in the same situation you are in.

  4. Are you part of MOPS(Moms of Preschoolers)? It's a great way to meet friends. Too bad you aren't in the NO area, you could join our group.

    Kindermusik is also a wonderfl idea. You can look it up online I think. There's a place for you to find a class near you & even try 1 free.

  5. We did Kindermusik! It was great! We didn't do it this time, because we weren't sure when we were moving. There is one in Tyler, on Old Bullard and one in Whitehouse.

  6. I'll second the library storytimes. The W'house library's is on Wed mornings, I think 10:30ish. Call 'em. I can email you the number if you don't have it already. :)

    Also, MOPS, the park, and don't forget yahoogroups & googlegroups. You can search for SAHMs in our area. There was another site...can't think of the title now...for moms to find/meet each other. I'll see if I can find it & send you the link.

  7. If Kelsey ever decides to stay well for more than five minutes, we would love to come and play!!!!


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