Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Dear Madelyn Kate,
You have been a very busy little girl! You went on your second road trip to OKC last week. While we were there you met more of your cousins (second and third) and played with the little ones. There were lots of get togethers and lots of food. It was so fun watching you interact with everyone. I look forward to our next trip to see MeeMaw Fee!

When we made it home, Gigi, Papa, and Great Granny were at the house waiting for you. They came in for Easter weekend and were ready to get their "Maddie Fix". The next couple of days were spent with all eyes on you!

Saturday morning Gigi gave you a bath in the big tub. You love taking a bath. You love it so much that we probably let you stay in a little too long.
I was glad they were able to see you in the big tub because it is just so cute! I even gave you some bubbles for the very first time. You did not seem to notice them much, but some day soon I am sure you will! Once you were clean and ready for the day, you spent some quality time with your Great Great Aunt, Gigi, Papa and Great Granny.

Gigi had her try at feeding you and applesauce and for the first time you really seemed to like it! You actually ate some instead of just swishing it around and spitting it out! Unfortunately, I am pretty sure that is what led to the next 24 hours of non-stop diaper changes and a bit of a fussy girl!
Saturday afternoon was spent watching you play on the floor...and enjoy your goodies from your Easter Baskets like this bunny mask...
This is the basket that Daddy and I bought for you. I tried to find you a really cute basket that you will be able to use for years to come. However, I did not find one that I just loved, so I settled for this one for this year. It was filled with practical things like a sun hat, pacifiers and a few toys.Your Grandma dropped off your Easter goodies from she and Grandpa. Due to your reaction to the applesauce, I thought we were going to have to put you in your new pj's because we were running out rather quickly with all the changes :) I know you will love your new bath toys and the book too! You love to be read to!
Gigi and Papa put together this basket full of books and bunnies and some candy filled eggs (for Mommy and Daddy of course). You loved your new musical book and chewed on it all afternoon! I can tell that it is going to be one of your favorites.
After a little serenade from Daddy...
and some play time with Papa...
we loaded up the car and took you on your first trip to First Monday Trade Days in Canton. It has almost been a whole year (I can't believe it) since I was able to go last. I was so excited and could not wait to find your some super cute and girlie things. Even though we did not have much time to shop, it was a beautiful day to walk around outside and browse through the shops!
After Canton, you were pooped. You did not have your afternoon nap so I attributed your fussiness to that. It did not take long for us to realize that something else might be going on because you screamed louder than I have ever heard you scream before. For some crazy reason we still attempted to take you out to eat but ended up getting our meal to go. For the next 14 hours you went through more diapers then you go through in 5 days. I really think it was caused by the applesauce so we will have to try something different! Since I was not sure if you were finished (and you weren't) we did not go to church.

I was so sad to keep you home on your first Easter Sunday, but was thankful that I did. I sat with you in the chair and read Mark's account of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection. You smiled the entire time. As a new mother, my heart and mind only thought of Mary as I read the story. I simply cannot imagine.

Grandma came over to see you and help me get a few things done for lunch. She missed you while we were out of town!

Right before everyone got home from church, we put your Easter Dress on you! You looked so sweet in it!
You still were not back to 100% and did not cooperate for a family pic, but you still look precious (even with a scowl on your face).
I love taking pictures of you and your Daddy because you are so darn cute together (and probably because you are my two favorite people ever)!
You fell asleep at the table while everyone ate lunch. I think you were worn out from all the tummy troubles.
The rest of the afternoon was restful and fun. You played wearing your cowboy hat that Papa bought for you last Easter for about an hour. You did not bother it (or it did not seem to bother you) at all! Your Papa was SO proud.
We put together some of your Christmas presents that you are growing in to and you loved them! I cannot believe you are becoming such a big girl.
Gigi, Papa, Great Granny, Great Great Aunt Ann and Aunt Kenda loved celebrating such a special weekend with you. I loved celebrating such a special weekend with you.

You make life so much sweeter.

Love you,


  1. Oh, my heavens, Kathryn, that child just keeps getting more and more beautiful. Tell her to stop, because I can't stand it!

    What a great first Easter (even with the applesauce induced tummy issues--hope she's better!).

  2. Darling pics -- I didn't realize her Easter dress matches her cousins' dresses. Can't wait to see a pic of the 3 of them in their matching dresses.

    Great to see you guys - come back soon!!!

    Love, Nancy


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