Tuesday, April 13, 2010

hitched a ride

My mom was heading to OKC to see family this week and Madelyn and I decided that we would hitch a ride. She slept nearly the whole way in her new car seat and what little time she was awake she was happy and playful!

My Uncle Mike from Oregon flew in to town today too.

With Uncle Mike, the first stop is usually Johnnies. It was only fitting that Madelyn's first trip there was with him!She sat in the high chair for the first time at a restaurant and really seemed to enjoy it! She played with her duck most of the time, but I caught her staring at a couple behind us for a long time. It wasn't a playful smiley stare...it was a jaw dropped, eyes glued kind of stare. It was a little embarrassing but I guess she can get away with it for a little while longer? At least that is what I kept telling myself...

We are here for a few days and so far Madelyn is enjoying the company!
I think this picture is so sweet. She loves to play with Luke's facial hair and was doing the same this to her Great Uncle Mike.


  1. Why do you bother with the high chair and grocery cart covers? How is she supposed to build up her immune system? This will not effect her reflux.

  2. Wow... this comment is pretty funny. As Aunt Rachel, I feel like her mommy can put what she wants on the high chair and grocery cart. Just sayin.

  3. Hmm.. have u seen those nasty highchairs and grocery carts. Some are pretty gross even when u try to wipe them down. U go girl and keep putting them on there. I stand behind u 100%. I love reading your blog and this is the first time I have commented. Miss Madelyn is adorable! Love all the pictures of her.

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    I believe I need to expose myself to more idiotic, inappropriate, uncalled for statements to build up my immune system. I believe comments such as yours may be some type of allergen to me, for when I am exposed to comments such as yours, I have an overwhelming reaction in which words come to my mind and my mouth that are not very nice.

    I don’t know if you sincerely think you are offering legitimate, valid advice or if you are just a somewhat confused individual. I cannot fathom your thought process that exposing a child to filthy, unsanitary surfaces is building immune systems. Kathryn is doing exactly what every sensible loving parent is supposed to do, provide for and protect their child in every aspect and environment that child is exposed, to the very best of their ability.

    God has placed my precious Maddie in the absolute BEST home, with the BEST parents in addition to having two Grandma’s with extensive medical and child rearing professional backgrounds. I know both of these granny’s pretty well and if Luke or Kathryn were doing anything that would compromise the health, well being or development of Little Miss Sunshine, such as mindlessly protecting her from communicable diseases spread in public facilities, they could not, would not sit idly by without addressing their concerns with these very special parents.

    My prayer is that all God’s children would have parents that would care enough to cover high chairs and grocery carts, protecting their special gifts from all the worlds filth or any other unsanitary condition with whatever resources they have available.


    Papa Shorty

  5. I know that Kathryn would not want us to get upset about one silly comment from someone who is too much of a pansy to leave their name but can manage to leave their criticism. BUT for the record copy and paste this link if you want to see just how dirty shopping carts are: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/OnCall/story?id=2859060.

    Kathryn, you are a FANTASTIC mom. I joke with my husband that when our little one arrives, I am going to refer to your archives so that I can do some of the amazing things you have done with Madelyn with Jacob.

    To "anonymous"...if you don't like it...don't read it!! AND SURE AS HECK DON"T COMMENT ON IT!

    Thank you kindly,

  6. Oh, and if you are going to leave a comment, at least use the right words. It's Affect not Effect!

  7. Seriously? Build immunities from ecoli?? What do you do...let your child eat raw eggs? I have read this blog since it was started, cried with Kathryn, laughed with Kathryn, prayed for her and feel a sense of closeness to their family like I do to my own. That being said, when someone says something with a critical or rude air to it to Kathryn, I feel the need to step in like family would.

    Get over yourself. Stop being critical of other people's decisions as parents and take care of your own!

  8. I have never commented before, but I think you are an awesome mommy Kathryn. I never used the shopping cart cover before but after reading that article, I am headed to babies r us to buy one!


Thank you for the comment love! :)

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