Saturday, October 30, 2010

13 Months

Dear Madelyn,
Last week (I know, Mommy is a slacker) you turned 13 months old. I was asked this week, "How old is she?". "13 months going on 5," was my response. It feels so true. Not only are you too big for your own britches, time is going by SO fast. Daily you amaze me with the new little things that you can do. You are no longer a baby. I'll admit it are fast becoming a toddler.You are learning so many new words and sounds. 100 times a day I could swear that you have repeated something that I just said. The other night it sounded as if you said, "Sy Bissy Spy" for, "Itsy Bitsy Spider". When we ask you a yes or no question, you usually respond with either a very short, "Yeah" or, "Na". You just started to shake your head no in the last few days and usually do it when I take away something you really want but shouldn't play with (like our still like to chew on a good rubber sole...gross). When you see a picture of Daddy, you point and say, "Dada". I'm slightly jealous because I have yet to see you point at a picture of me and say, "Mama".
You wear size 4 diapers (although I think we changed you too soon...we've had leakage problems). You are in 12 months clothes. If I buy new ones I usually by 18 month because I want them to last longer (although the 18 months pants are so long they may fit you this time next year). Some of your 9 months clothes still fit (but most are being boxed away with your summer outfits and you have a few 6-12 months jeans that you wear regularly. You can wear anything from a 3 1/2 to a size 5 (still big but works) shoe depending on the brand. Mostly 4's. Now that your feet have lost some of their "thickness", it's easier to shoe shop for you. You refuse to wear a bib and no matter how we try to secure it around your neck you manage to get it off.
Bath time is still your favorite time of day and good thing because you are one messy girl. Your hair is still your napkin and you have added digging big holes in the dirt to your resume this month. You love to smash your food in between your fingers when you are done eating. Usually we let you because it means one or both of us can finish our dinner before the 30 minute wipe down ensues.
Your favorite food is chicken. In close second is fruit of all kinds. You love peaches, pears, pineapple, granny smith apples, strawberries (which we formerly thought you might have an allergy to and now know that you do not), bananas or "nanas" as you call them and mandarin oranges. You usually have 2-3 servings of fruit with breakfast every day because you like it so much. You also love carbs. You'd eat rolls, biscuits, crackers and any other bread we give you all day if we let you. You drink milk in the morning at dinner. We've knocked out the "before bed" milk this month and you don't seem to miss it at all. You also drink water and a little "flavored water" which is also known as water with a drop of juice. You are starting to prefer the "flavored water" so we are going to lay off of the flavoring for a while. You eat three good meals a day. You occasionally have a snack or nibble off something we are eating, but never really took to snacks in between meals. I'm sure that will change as you grow.
You are one fearless little girl. The other day you stood up on the chaise and started walking. It was as if you were about to walk the plank, but thankfully you have a super hero for a dad and he saved you just in time. You have always loved to climb and some friends recently gave you a wonderful set of blocks to climb on. When you aren't playing on them, you are climbing all over the furniture. If I were to choose your career right now based on your current talents, you would more than likely be a circus act (that is said with much love). You usually have a great dismount when you've gotten yourself up on to something. Occasionally it results in a crash landing, but usually not.
Your favorite place to be is outside. You pick up everything you find and inspect it. You read books and within the past month you have started to grab a book and then back up in to my lap so that we can read it together. Nine times out of ten you rip your bow out of of your hair and say, "Bow! Booow!", then try to put it back. We catch you trying to put everyone's shoes on your feet. You are easy to dress but diaper changes tend to be on the wild side. A few times I have imagined I was wrestling a wild alligator. Your tail...I mean feet...can really hurt!
You adore all things musical. We discovered recently that you really start moving to beat when their is a lot of bass. You like the funky stuff...and when you like it, everyone knows right away. You nod your head, clap your hands, bounce up and down and smile.
You keep us laughing constantly. Your smile is contagious and you light up every room you enter. Everywhere we go, everyone talks to you and you talk right back!
You have been taking two naps a day. Now that you are waking up between 8am-9am instead of 9:30am or later, you are usually ready for your first nap around 11am. It lasts on average from 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Your second nap is more hit or miss. However, if we are home you always take it. By 4pm you are sleepy and usually get an hour long nap in.
You RUN everywhere. We bought you your first pair of tennis shoes last weekend. I think they are too big but they look so cute on you. If you are up too late or it's close to nap time, you start to get a little wobbly. You love to play chase around the house. Usually you will run from us. After a few minutes you normally give up and plant your feet, giggle like crazy and wait for us to get you. I love to hear you laugh. Sometimes you run from us when we are not playing a game. Like when I tell you it's time to change your diaper. Or I am trying to wipe your nose. Although I know that is pure rebellion, I have to admit the first few times you did it, it made me laugh. I am sure that in 6 months (or maybe next week) I will be complaining about how you run away from me to my friends. Even if I complain about it, I still think your face when you are doing it is seriously cute.
This month has been fast and furious. You are already 13 months and one week old. Goodness gracious. You have grown so fast.

I love you my sweet Madelyn Kate. You make life as a family of three so much fun.

Love you forever,

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