Sunday, October 31, 2010

pumpkin fun

Madelyn was all about the process of cutting open the pumpkin, pulling the top off and looking at what was inside. When it came to sticking your hands in and scooping out the slimy stuff, she was gone. She moved on to dirt, grass and rocks in 2.3 seconds.

Even still, watching that curious face, bright smile and inquisitive eyes for the five minutes that our pumpkin fun lasted was well worth it. Maybe next year we will have a family carving contest??

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  1. These pictures are so good! I'm glad Madelyn enjoyed the pumpkin carving. Benjamin was devastated when I cut into his pumpkin. He said, "Mama, no no no. Pum-pin, no! Pum-pin no!" I felt like a pumpkin murderer, but he LOVED the seeds after I roasted them. :)


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