Monday, April 25, 2011

19 months

My Sweet Madelyn Kate,
You are 19 months old. You are officially closer to two than you are to one. You've been in our lives for what seems like the blink of an eye, yet I cannot remember my days before you were in them. Your laughter, smiles, playful ways and the words that come out of your mouth fill the moments of each day so naturally. Our family of three fits together so perfectly. I was made to be your mom.
You are learning and growing each day. New words leave your mouth more often than I can even remember. You've started to put many sentences together and each one that you utter meets me with an element of surprise. I'm not sure why, but I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that you make so many sentences.
When you "sing", we recognize the tunes. When you count, we can recognize the numbers up to 10. Your ability to take in all that you hear is fascinating. It is also challenging, because you repeat everything. Recently we were out in public and a stranger said an ugly word. You started to repeat it, so I distracted you. About 20 minutes later you said it again. Your brain is a sponge that is soaking everything in. Thankfully we haven't heard that word from your sweet little mouth again.
This month you and Daddy have started a new routine. You tuck Stripes (your red and white monkey) in to your toddler bed each night. You still sleep with us of course but each morning you enthusiastically wake Stripes up! It's a sweet routine that your Daddy taught you. Little moments like that are evidence of how much he enjoys being your Daddy. He loves you dearly. Adores your every move. It's a marvelous thing to watch as his wife and your mommy. 
You have several little play mates, but your favorites are your cousins. Constantly throughout the day you talk about Alli (or "Ow-wee" as you say) and Emmy. You point to them in pictures, kiss them and are beyond ecstatic when we mention plans to spend time with them. You can also say every immediate family member's name. The easiest for you is Rachel. The hardest is Michael. When you say Kenda, it sounds like Wenda. When you say Jarrod, it sound like Jord. Each is precious though.
This month you still wear 18-24 months clothes. Some 2T. The funny thing about little girls clothes though? The dress you have on in these pictures is a size 3months and you wore it last year at 7 months for your baby dedication. There are clothes in your closet that fit in a wide variety of sizes but we mainly stick to 18-24 months when buying them new. You also wear a size 4 diaper, a size 5 shoe (although you have size 6's in your sandals because I wanted them to last!), and a bow in your hair every single day (by your request).
On a daily basis you request to color, play outside, read books, watch TV, go in the car, brush your teeth, eat snacks, wear a bow, put on shoes, drink milk, drink water, get up, get down, take a nap, go night-night and many more. You can say SO many things and really know what you want, when you want it. You say please, thank you, your welcome and yes/no ma'am/sir about 60% of the time without being prompted and 40% of the time with a friendly little reminder.
There are so many fun things about this age. The most delightful part? I get to spend each moment with you! Some days when Daddy gets home I may be ready for a trip to the store alone, but I wouldn't trade my days with you for anything. You have a sweet spirit that is recognized by everyone you come in contact with. Even when you are being assertive or saying no to us when you know you shouldn't, you have a sweet little innocence about you.

I love you, MK. Always. No matter what!


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