Friday, April 1, 2011

fun with friends

After today I realized I need to get MK some outdoor toys. We usually just cart her indoor toys outside but there is definitely a difference. She played with her little buddies at my friend Leslie's house this morning and enjoyed ever minute of it. For the first 20 minutes she just bounced around from ride-on toy to ride-on toy.

She really loved Leslie's youngest little boy, Luke.
I had no doubt that she would considering she is such a good little momma to her baby dolls.
They have an awesome swing set that all the kids could swing on at once. I'm thinking Madelyn might ask Santa for one of these this year!

They had lunch at Will's little table together. How adorable are they? I was so proud that MK didn't really try to eat Logan's food for once!! I picked her up a lunchable and she ate almost every bit of it.

Leslie had a fun marble painting project for them to do. I know we will be doing that at home sometime soon because Madelyn loved it. She was so fascinated by the marbles. I am sure she was thinking, "I wish I could eat that!". Haha. It's amazing how she still tries to put everything in her mouth!

Of course we had to attempt a group shot! Logan, Will, Madelyn and Hannah did so well staying put, but getting them to all look and smile was not going to happen. The outtakes are PRICELESS though!

Baby Luke felt left out so we got a picture of him in the swing! Actually...he was just too cute so I had to take his picture :)

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  1. So cute! Love all the pictures of those sweet kids!


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