Tuesday, April 5, 2011

youngens and yogurt. yes, please!

 Despite the fact that the weather man was predicting a cold morning, we made plans to play at the park with friends. Not only was it not cold, it was actually warm. Maddie Kate had fun playing with Ella, Hannah, Marley and Logan.
 She was kind of quiet and more laid back than her usual spunky self while we were there.
 That didn't stop her from sliding down on her belly several times. I am not sure where she picked this up from, but now it's the only way that she likes to slide.
 After the park we made our way to the grand opening of TCBY. We used to have a TCBY not far from our house when I was growing up and it was our favorite place to go for a sweet treat. Our area has been without a TCBY for a long time after the two we had in town closed. I was pretty stinkin' excited about introducing MK to the goodness of White Chocolate Mousse. YUM!

 She is her mother's child. She ate it all up (well...we shared)!

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  1. I love the first picture of Madeline with her icecream with her little tongue licking her lips. So precious.


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