Thursday, April 21, 2011

A day with Alli and Emmy

MK and I spent the morning at Allison's Easter party. Actually, Madelyn was down the hall. I thought she might get a bit jealous and I loved the one-on-one time with Allison. I haven't been able to attend as many of Allison's events or parties so I was delighted when my sister-in-law asked.
Allison loved her sugary snacks but I think she was too excited to actually eat them. Her plate was almost completely full when she was done.

After a little play time inside, the kids headed out to hunt eggs. Allison was hysterical. At first she was just watching all the other kids and saying, "Look at all those eggs!". My competitive side kept saying, "Go Alli, Go! Get the eggs!". Haha! I would love to hear how obnoxious I was.
She was smart and didn't go with the crowd, so when she got to the eggs there were plenty to grab.

It was wonderful being able to watch those sweet little kiddos have so much fun!

After the egg hunt and a few errands we went to Emily's dance class. We were going to pick her up from there but arrived about 30 minutes before it was over so Madelyn had a great time dancing to the music while we waited. I snapped a few pictures with my phone as she checked herself out in the mirror.

After dance we went back to the house for a little golf cart riding!
It was such a great day with the three greatest girls I know.

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