Sunday, April 24, 2011

the family hunt

Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Marlo, Uncle Jarrod, Emily, Allison, PawPaw Pete, Nana Rhonda, you, Daddy and myself gathered this afternoon for a late lunch and egg hunt. We missed Aunt Rachel but made sure to keep her in the loop with lots of pictures, videos and phone calls!
Grandma had egg cakes for you and your cousins to decorate. You all loved that! Alli (AKA Buzz Lightyear) just loved licking the icing and you caught on to that rather quickly.
I'm not sure anyone was brave enough to try your concoctions, but you sure did have a lot of fun making them.
While you girls were inside decorating the cakes, Uncle Jarrod and Daddy were outside hiding eggs. Most of them were just laying in plain sight, but there were a few that required a little work.
You had no idea what was going on outside but you wanted to come anyway!

After the egg hiding and cake decorating was done, everyone made their way outside. Grandma and Grandpa filled some of the eggs with quarters and six with dollar bills. They used to do that when we were little and I always remember getting to go hunt them first because I was the youngest.

Emily's face was priceless when she discovered the eggs had quarters in them!!

You didn't care one bit about the quarters. You were straight for the jelly beans!!
I am confident you ate at least 20 jelly beans while you sat there! You were so serious and fun to watch.

You summoned the help of whoever was close by in order to get your eggs open!

All three of you girls had a great time! Allison definitely collected the most eggs. I know Emily would have but she was so sweet and helped you out along the way. Allison had so many eggs that they kept falling out of her basket!

Of course after the hunt everyone came back inside to dump everything out and check out their loot.

It was a fantastic afternoon with family and we were all wiped out when it was over!

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