Saturday, April 16, 2011

Aunt Rachel's in town!

Rach is in town!! She has been soaking up time with the three most important girls in her life...Emily, Allison and Madelyn. She had a full day planned with them but this morning when I saw a sign on a church close by for an Easter egg hunt, we decided to take the girls. The sign read, "Easter Eggstravaganza 10:30am-12pm". We got the girls ready quickly and headed that way. We made it by 10:40am. Just in time for all the activities to be over. The hunt was done. The bunny was gone. The kids were all checking out what was in their eggs and heading towards their cars. Seriously?? We felt bad for the girls, but not as bad as everyone else! We were every parent's chance to teach their child about sharing. Haha! With looks of pity, one-by-one children came up and put eggs in the girls baskets. They'd walk away and we would hear their parent's say, "Good job Johnny. I'm proud of you for sharing." I can imagine the lunch conversations that were had after that. "These parents brought their children to the hunt AFTER it was over (gasps from those listening) but Johnny was so nice and shared with them (awws from the same). " I'm kidding. Well, sort of. Even so, the girls had fun!

Grandma (my mom) saved the day though and went back to the house ahead of us and dumped eggs all over the yard for the girls to hunt. They were thrilled!

After the egg hunts, they did all sorts of fun things. Dyed eggs, played with silly string and even painted toe nails. The girls sure love their Aunt Rachel!

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