Saturday, April 9, 2011

Welcome to Texas, Pastor Emmy

I'm so thankful that Madelyn woke up with a great big smile on her face today! I wasn't actually there to see it first thing because today was the first day of the Azalea Arts and Craft Fair but Luke sent me picture texts through out the morning. Days like this make me appreciate technology so much. It would have been a long(er) day with out those pictures. She loved spending time with her daddy though and I know he loved it too.

My mother, who is AMAZING, helped me get the booth set up. My sister and I originally decided not to do a booth this year since she wouldn't be able to help. Once we found out that we could have our booth AND support PCM at the same time we went for it. Thanks to my mom, I wasn't in it alone.

Along with our items, I asked a friend of mine to bring her items out as well. I was afraid our booth would be bare, but thanks to Angela it wasn't at all! We also set up PCM baskets, necklaces and t-shirts to sell. The response was awesome and we raised over $400 in just the first day for PCM. I also raised a couple hundred dollars for my trip in October. The best part about it was spending time talking about such an amazing ministry.
All day long I had something even better to look forward to. Pastor Emmy, who started Parental Care Ministries in Uganda was arriving in Texas! I could not believe that I was going to get the opportunity to meet him face to face in America. Between the stories from Luke, all the blogs I had read about him and the email exchanges, I felt like we were old friends. We had a short window between the craft fair and getting to the welcoming party but thanks to my mom (AGAIN!), it worked out.

If there is one thing that Luke told me over and over again about his trip to Uganda, it was about the hospitality of the people. The Barret family wanted to show Pastor Emmy the same hospitality that he had shown to them and each team that has visited upon his arrival. They rolled out the red carpet (literally) down the the steps to their house and we lined them as he arrived. It was such a humbling experience being a part of something so special. His gratitude and thankful spirit made a lasting impression on this heart of mine.
He hugged and thanked EVERY single person there as he made his way up the steps. Each one that had been on a trip, he called them by name. Hearing him say, "Luuuke!!" was precious to me. I love and adore my husband and it always blesses me to hear someone else say call his name in an affectionate way. Despite the jet lag and incredibly long journey, he smiled and greeted us all. 
I have never met someone more humble or gracious than this man. He is confident of his calling to provide fatherly love to needy children and orphans in Uganda and is 100% selfless in following that call.

I am so thankful to have seen his bright smile face to face and I look forward to seeing him again while he is here. So glad to meet you, Pastor Emmy! Welcome to Texas!

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