Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Miss Independent

After 30 minutes of working hard to get them on the right feet, the right way, on her very own...she did it! Madelyn has become so independent lately. She refuses help and desires to do everything on her own. It's her way or tantrum central. As we spent half an hour outside the other day while she wrestled her shoes, I waited patiently at a distance. We didn't have anywhere in particular to go so it didn't bother me to wait one bit. In those moments though, I wondered how many times God has watched and waited as I wrestled to do something my way (or no way!), ignoring his offers for help or loving guidance towards a better way. On a daily basis He uses simple moments like this with my sweet girl to remind me of Him. His ways. His care and concern for me. The visuals that my interactions with my own child give me, make scripture come to life. Thank you God for simple reminders that have such a profound impact.

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