Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day

Madelyn definitely was not lacking attention at all on Christmas Day. She had an audience and was glad to perform for them.
Luke and I had a good time sitting back and watching MK interact with Gigi and Papa.
After breakfast Madelyn checked out the goodies in her stocking. She had teddy grahams, triangular crayons for beginners, bubble bath, and a kazoo.

I am pretty sure the crayons were an instant hit. She loves to color, but the angled crayons seemed easier for her to hold. She loved coloring with Gigi.

When they were done coloring, MK put them all back in the box! Woo hoo! I am so excited that she likes to have things organized.Madelyn took a good nap while we set the table and prepared our Mexican Fiesta themed lunch. We had four different kinds of tamales from down South, beef enchiladas (my first attempt at enchiladas...I got a yummy recipe from Marlo), homemade Mexican rice, tostadas, my hubby's amazing guacamole, queso, beans, hot sauce and jalapenos for the men!
It was fun to prepare and turned out great.
When Madelyn woke up she was eager to show off her coloring skills to Aunt Kenda!

We gathered around in the living room in the afternoon to exchange gifts.
Madelyn opened the first present (of course) and it was so cute to watch the expressions on her face when she saw what she was given.
She loved everything, but I think she had the best reaction to the Fischer Price Barn and the Little People Happy Sounds Home. She was SO excited!

She played with them for a few minutes and then moved on to helping everyone else open their gifts.
I am pretty sure she was running away with someone's present. She didn't care who it belonged to, she wanted to open it!

Aunt Kenda read her the Snow White book from her Great Aunt Ann.

Luke's parents got him a new journal for his trip to Uganda. I was so excited about that because I cannot wait until he returns to read what his thoughts were while he was there. Such a thoughtful gift.
Luke and I gave Madelyn a wooden sushi play set. It's one of our favorites (especially Luke) so we thought it was only appropriate that we introduce her to it's goodness at an early age.
She has played with it every day since.
Kenda's "surprise face".
Madelyn helped every single person open at least one of their gifts. She was such a little hoot.

While everyone else was finishing up opening presents, I spotted Madelyn and Luke sharing a few bites of sushi. How cute are they?
Christmas day was so special this year. I remember last Christmas when Luke and I were so happy just to have made it to that point. We were humbled and in awe of how completely blessed we had been. This year, those same feelings were there. The last 15 months have brought with them a combination of joy, uncertainty, fear, excitement, growing, learning and so much more. Since last Christmas we have experienced moments of complete helplessness as we have watched Madelyn quit breathing, started CPR on her, sought the advice of specialists, held her as she had a seizure and feared what might happen to our sweet girl. We have also rejoiced as she grew, celebrated milestones, laughed at the vibrant personality that she continues to develop, sang happy birthday as we were surrounded by those who stood by us in our darkest hour, and dedicated her life to the Lord. Despite the ever changing emotions and circumstances, one thing has remained the same. The Lord has been faithful. He has not wavered in who He is. His constant care for our family of three and provision has been perfect.

On Christmas night we watched The Nativity Story. I had never seen it before and it was completely humbling and a perfect way to finish the day. I am pretty sure this will be a new tradition in our house.

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord."
Luke 2: 11

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