Thursday, December 23, 2010

this, that and the other

This week has been a perfect combination of uneventful mornings, busy evenings and spending time with the ones I love the most. Madelyn loved helping Daddy work from home. She made some calls for him while he was working on some projects for the student ministry.For three days in a row earlier this week Luke and some of the students did some local mission projects, so it was a treat to have him home earlier than normal in the afternoons.
One night we went to dinner with some friends and their friends. Between the three couples there were six children six and under. We had so much fun and loved the good conversation. Our wait was nearly an hour, but MK was a champ!
This little girl had no clue what was going on with all the presents, but she sure has enjoyed playing with the wrapped boxes.
Her joy and endless smiles are so precious. I am so thankful for this beautiful child and the gift that she is to our family.
When I got out of the shower and went to check on Madelyn I found her scooting around in Luke's shoes. How stinkin' adorable is this picture? His size 13 shoes are about as long as her little body!!
My sister came home for a few days for Christmas so we decided to meet up with her for lunch at her favorite restaurant, Don Juan's. We dressed MK and were ready to walk out the door when Madelyn started acting a little funny.
She kept stomping her feet and grabbing at her toes.
I quickly realized that she had outgrown the shoes I had shoved put on her feet. She is down to two pairs of shoes that fit that don't really match anything. We had two super cute pairs of dress shoes that she outgrew as quickly as she grew in to them. I am hoping for an after Christmas shoes sale!
Madelyn loves Don Juan's quesadillas but she loves her Aunt Rachel even more.
It was fun to catch up with a few friends, including Kristina. MK was such a performer.
Luke and I searched for my box of American girl dolls from when I was little because we wanted to give Madelyn my bitty baby doll. Of course we kept the baby "hidden" so that it would be fun for Madelyn to see it Christmas morning, but she had fun exploring Samantha.
Madelyn has such a sweet and tender disposition these days. She gives lots of hugs, kisses and gentle touches.
She is going to love her bitty baby.

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