Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the wedding

Since Luke and Madelyn surprised us all and drove up to OKC for the weekend, I thought it would be fun if Madelyn could stay for the rest of the weekend even though Luke had to head home. The wedding and reception were adult only so we needed to find someone to watch Madelyn in order for her to be able to stay. My cousin's girls, Kaitlyn and Kallie were sweet enough to come hang out with her for a while. The church was literally five minutes away, but this was a huge step for me! The girls were so sweet and despite the fact that Madelyn was super tired because it was her bed time, they all seemed to have fun.

On our way to the church I asked Rachel if it was too soon to call. Of course it was, so I texted them instead.

The ceremony was sweet and the bride looked gorgeous. My favorite thing about the ceremony was something that was said was during one of the prayers. Since Luke and I got married, I have loved to attend weddings. I can relate so vividly with the love and emotions and enjoy being taken back to that special day for us. I think that is why part of the prayer resonated so deeply with me. He said (paraphrasing because my memory is not perfect), "May all those who are already married, be strengthened in their own union and love after hearing these vows". I love that. I think that's so true...maybe that's why I love weddings so much...they make me look at husband with big googly eyes after.

Everything about the wedding was beautiful and elegant.
My Aunt Nancy dancing with Matt during the Mother/Son dance.
The cake was so pretty but tasted even better than it looked.

Their photographer was kind enough to let me go in to the hall with him as he took pictures of the bride and groom. I thought that was very nice and I was able to get a couple of sweet pictures of the newlyweds. How stunning is her dress?
My sister went home early to check on the little one for me. She said Kaitlyn's first words to her were, "She never stops talking!". I thought that was so funny and it could not be more true! I am so thankful for these sweet girls taking good care of Madelyn so we could enjoy the wedding.

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  1. Hey girl! I'm SO glad that you found my blog! Your little girl is the cutest thing! Hope ya'll had a Merry Christmas! I love your blog!


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