Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa came...

Despite the fact that my niece was worried Santa would not have a way in to our house (our fireplace is down stairs and has a few obstructions), he came! Luke and I have gone back and forth on how we want to do the whole Santa thing, but this year we didn't really have to worry about it. I was so giddy and ready for our sweet girl to wake up and see her goodies! My brother used to wake us up EARLY and I have a little bit of that in my DNA too. I was awake for over three and a half hours before the little one graced us with her presence. I was busy making sure Santa put out everything perfectly. I thought it was funny that Santa regifted and set up the basketball goal Madelyn had gotten from Grandma and Grandpa on Christmas Eve. He must have known she didn't really know how cool it was inside the box!
He also left her something very special to me. When I was little, my parents bought my sister and I American girl dolls. I had Samantha and a Bitty Baby (who I named Emily's on her birth crazy is it that I now have a niece that shares that same name?). I kept both because my mom always said, "Someday you will have a daughter and will be able to pass it down to her". It was so surreal actually experience that "someday" that she spoke of.

Santa also left her three little board books. He knows how much she loves to read. I have quite the collection of Children's books that I bought for my future classroom during college, so Santa grabbed a few out of there. Santa sure was smart this year. He didn't have to spend any money.
When the princess finally woke up every adult in the house seemed like a little kid in a candy store. We were so excited and couldn't wait to see if she even noticed her goodies. She went straight for the unwrapped gifts and was grinning from ear to ear.
She loved her bitty baby and had a blast with her basketball goal!

I am pretty sure the look on her face says it all. She was having SO much fun!

We had such a fun morning watching Maddie Kate play and an even more fun afternoon with Gigi, Papa, Great Granny, Aunt Kenda and Michael!

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