Monday, December 20, 2010

Where to start...

I love blogging. It's my daily journal of sorts. When the "daily" part is taken out of the equation as it has been since last Wednesday, I end up playing catch up. The last several days have been very full for our family that I am almost not even sure where to start...Madelyn has two major signals that she is finished eating: throwing/scooping her food of of her tray and smashing it in to her face and her hair. A simple done would do, but so far that has yet to happen. We are working really hard on that, but last Wednesday she really started smashing her strawberry cereal bar in to her face. I know that taking pictures of her while she is doing it cancels out the "working really hard" part, but oh well.I made my first lovie with a ruffled satin edge. It turned out so cute and so soft!
We saw a few bucks in the back yard. I am sure that my brother would have shot this one if he were here that morning. We are all out of deer meat at our house these days!
I made quadruple batches of broccoli cheese casserole (in a crock pot), sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole and stuffing for the youth Christmas dinner. The hubs helped and it was fun to be in the kitchen cooking with him. We aslo made 48 deviled eggs and baked three pies.
We arrived at the church pretty early to make sure that everything was in place for the dinner. Madelyn entertained herself with markers behind the counter while I set a few things up!
Thanks to some sweet people that brought yummy desserts and a few more side dishes, we had plenty of yummy food!
MK chomped on ice instead of all the good casseroles. She obviously doesn't know what she is missing.
The students seemed to have a great time.Kendall and MK did a little playing behind the counter. She loved surprise though because every time I have seen him interact with little ones they adore him. My niece, Alli, thinks she and Kendall are BFFs.
Once we made it home Madelyn thought it was play time. She ran around like a wild woman for about 20 minutes then made her way to her table and chair for a little late night reading.

While Madelyn played in her room way past her bed time, I packed for my trip to OKC the next day. It was pretty cute because she kept trying to get in my bag while I was putting things in there. Funny thing is, I kept thinking how badly I wished she was going with me. The thought of four days and three nights with out Madelyn and Luke was not fun!

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