Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa's

This year it felt like the holiday season snuck up on us. November flew by. We celebrated Thanksgiving with the ones we love. The red and green came out and before we knew it Christmas was upon us. Luke and I have already said that next year we will make a point to be more intentional about our time for our family of three. Despite the fact that we felt so busy (as I am sure that everyone does), we loved spending the month telling Madelyn about Jesus' birth.

It is so humbling to me and still after years of hearing and reading the story to wrap my mind around the fact that Jesus was a baby. A crying, pooping, needy newborn. A friend of mine just recently had a precious baby boy. I texted her my congrats after she sent a sweet picture of the little stud on the day he was born and her reply was so simple and refreshing, "This is so cool". Being a mother brings with it a whole new vantage point in which to view the story from Luke chapter two. I so desperately would love to know what Mary thought when she saw Him for the first time. I wonder if she thought what Elise thought, "This is so cool". For me, the story has truly come to life. Motherhood for me has brought with it a connection to Mary that I never had before. Life is a miraculous thing...His the most miraculous of all.

On Christmas Eve we went to my parent's house. For the last several years we have had Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with Luke's. I love tradition, so I love that this has worked out for several years in a row for both families.I am not sure anything could be more fun than watching three sweet girls play together. Grandma received a dollhouse from the grown kids for Christmas (her choice) and the little ones wasted no time breaking it in.

I stole this picture from Marlo. Apparently Rachel and Emily were a little preoccupied with iPhones!
Allison kept a close watch on all the food.We had brinner (breakfast for dinner) and it was delicious. She single handidly devoured half a bowl of M&Ms!
My dad read from Luke chapter two as he has on Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember.

I loved that Emily could read all of the names to pass out the presents. I think she was pretty proud of herself also.

I gave my mom a personalizable photo mug from Starbuck THREE Christmases ago. I finally put pictures in it for her and gave it to her again. Yikes!

We had so much fun opening presents, watching the joy on the girls' faces and a yummy meal. My mom and dad love to give presents and usually do quite a bit of last minute shopping. I would say that is also a tradition at their house. Because of that, they have taught us all to be joyful givers (and last minute shoppers!).

So thankful for a memorable Christmas Eve with family.

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