Tuesday, December 21, 2010

huge surprise

The following morning my mom and I hit the road just a little after 4:30am for OKC. I was so excited to see my sister and my Grandma. We had a big weekend planned full of wedding and graduation celebrations and I was ready to be there. You wouldn't have known just how ready we were if you knew how many stops we made along the way. We may or may not have stopped at a McDonalds, two Cracker Barrels (we didn't eat at either one), three gas stations and a Whataburger!

We were excited to see my sister once we arrived and spent part of the afternoon helping my aunt stuff goody bags for the rehearsal dinner. She made enough fudge and shortbread cookies for 85 people and it was delicious!Later that evening Rachel and I went shopping and out to eat. We had the best fajitas I have ever eaten, laughed a lot and found a few fun "must buy" items.
My mom called and asked us to bring her some dessert on our way (back) to Target. When we rounded the corner by my Grandma's house we saw an SUV that looked very similar to mine and Luke's. We both laughed and secretly on the inside I was hoping it was Luke and Madelyn. I knew there was no way it was because he sent me pictures from them at his office.

When we opened the door and saw a pair of baby jeans on the couch I wanted to cry! So did Rachel. She was SO excited to see Madelyn and Madelyn was just as excited to see her!

They were so sneaky. After working half a day, running errands and then packing for the weekend, Luke and Madelyn made the six hour drive together to surprise us!
High fives!
My husband is absolutely amazing. He did that just for me because he knew I was not looking forward to being away from them. He did a good job packing (with the exception of arriving with one spare diaper) and he even documented their trip with pictures and video. Some of my favorites...

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