Sunday, December 5, 2010

it was fun

The Cookies with Santa event that the Bitter Berry Boutique took part in was yesterday and it was fun. You never know who will show up (if anyone) to home show events so I was delighted and thankful to see familiar faces walk through the door.

My mom was awesome. She helped me set up, hung out with me during the show and helped me pack up when it was over! She rocks!

Also falling in to the awesome category, the hubs! He supports my crafting and all my wild ideas. Even better, he encourages it and enjoys his one on one time with MK that comes as a direct result of me making last minute preparations and then manning the booth (wow...long sentence. Sorry.). He, too, is awesome!

He brought Madelyn by after her half nap so that she could get her pictures taken with Santa.To say she didn't like Santa would be the understatement of the year. Her grip got SO tight on my arm that I am sure she left a bruise. Santa said, "It's OK Mom, just sit on my lap with baby". Ugh, no thank you. I'm actually perfectly fine with the fact that my kid didn't want to sit on a stranger's lap. The more I think about it, the whole concept is sort of creepy. I'm sure by next year she won't be able to get enough of the creepy jolly old guy.

My sister sold LOTS of ornaments. Why wouldn't she? They are adorable.
I didn't think to take pictures until we were halfway done, so if some of our set up looks picked through that's because it was. I borrowed the hanging rack for the clothes from a sweet friend and it worked out perfectly! I sold 9 onesies and shirts and I am sure it was because they were easy to see and sort through!

There were lots of tempting cookies.
My aforementioned awesome mother made these adorable Christmas trees. They were oh so yummy as well.

All in all, Cookies with Santa Shopping Extravaganza was fun and successful!

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