Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I'm pretty sure MK thinks a Christmas tree is a "no no tree".Despite the fact that she has her own little tree complete with jingle bells, she loves to touch the big tree. By touch I mean grab the branches violently and rip the ornaments off then run away giggling in delight! Oh my. Toddlerhood at Christmas time. So much fun!

I'm so looking forward to this season with Madelyn. Last year she was too little to know the difference. This year she is wide eyed and ready to explore everything. She loves listening to Christmas music with me, did a great job of pulling the ornaments out of the boxes and then carrying them to the tree, and enjoys our nightly routine of turning the lights on around the porch. The best part so far, playing with her little people nativity set and telling her of Jesus' birth. She loves "baby Sesus" as she calls him.

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