Monday, December 6, 2010

MK's Christmas decor

One of Madelyn's favorite places in the house is her bedroom. She loves to spend time in there. I enjoy it too because I know that she can go in there and play alone and I don't have to worry about her. Her only occasional bad habit...pulling out lots of wipes. It's hard to get on to her for it though because she uses them to blow her nose (cutest thing ever) or wipe off her face.

Since she plays in there so much, I decided we would put a few decorations in there for her to enjoy. We bought an "M" stocking last year to take pictures of her in, but by the time we got around to taking the pictures she was a little too chubby. She stuffs whatever she can find down it these days. SO cute!
Luke and I have been on the hunt for a chair to accompany her table and we finally found one at Canton this weekend! It's the perfect size and she adores it. She spent 45 minutes sitting there reading today.
I made this ribbon wreath just for fun and it's perfect to hang at her level. Nothing to eat off of it and no sharp points. Key qualities when you have a curious 14 month old to consider!
Perched high up on the shelves of the built in are her snow globes. Last year we bought her the "Baby's First Christmas" snow globe and thought that a new snow globe each year would be a fun tradition. I'm not sure how fun we will think it is when she turns 20 and has as many snow globes, but it's fun for now!
The gingerbread house that my Aunt Nancy made us sits on her hutch.

And of course her personal Christmas tree that sits on the floor. It mainly has jingle bells and has endured a lot in a weeks time. Lots of knock downs. Some dragging down the hall. More shaking than the continental plates during an earthquake. Seriously. Much jingling and shaking.
After a full day of playing, we made the family trek to Wal-Mart. I have been dreading going for nearly two weeks. Considering we were out of EVERYTHING, I had to go. I am thankful the hubs and MK came with me. Of course, I am not sure Madelyn was too excited considering she crashed in her car seat before we got there.
It wasn't too bad. I saw an old friend, which is always fun. The check out lanes weren't as terrible as they could have been. We managed to get out of there with only the things that we needed, which never happens. All in all, not so bad.

Then I was fortunate enough to come home and enjoy a cup of home made hot chocolate courtesy of the hubs. Yummy!

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  1. I absolutely love that you allow her to enjoy decorations. Her room looks so cute!!! Kathryn, I know first hand that you are an amazing mother. Love you!


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